Bold Clean Cooking Technologies

We construct clean, efficient and durable stoves

In Uganda, 85 per cent of the population use wood fuel as an energy source for cooking, endangering their health through inhaling fumes as they use charcoal and wood and depleting natural forests.

Only about 0.5 per cent have access to modern fuel for cooking (electricity, gas or kerosene/paraffin) and 6 per cent use energy-efficient cook stoves. Through partnerships with other stakeholders in the sector, we manufacture and distribute energy-efficient cook stoves at a relatively low price. We are confident that our energy-efficient stoves save up to 50 per cent of the energy that would have otherwise been lost through the use of open fire cooking and ordinary charcoal stoves.



In addition, BEL has designed a new improved institutional cook stove that uses less firewood and cooks relatively quickly compared to those on the market, hence saving energy and time.
We have a network of retailers that distribute the Bold Energy-Efficient Stoves and regional outlets in central, northern and western Uganda. Our regional teams are at the forefront of raising awareness of the benefits of our products for both the individual and the environment.