Bold Energy Consultancy & Supplies

Bold Energy Consultancy and Supplies

We support organisations to improve their energy efficiency and energy saving.

The rapidly growing population of Uganda is exerting more pressure on the natural resources to satisfy all their food, economic and social needs, creating the need for renewable energy as an alternative to fossil fuels (firewood and charcoal). We offer skilled technical and financial advice and guidance on the use of renewable energy at both commercial and domestic levels to mitigate the effects of a growing population on the environment.

Energy training programmes, audits and campaigns

We offer customised training courses for stakeholders in the energy sector. We are confident that our training programmes contribute to a significant reduction in operational costs by addressing energy losses, hence increasing business sustainability. Our services also include conducting energy audits and renewable energy campaigns. Our technical and professional team provides the most technically feasible and commercially viable solutions for energy efficiency. In addition, we work further with the clients to implement the recommendations made after energy audits, including monitoring and evaluation.

Business sustainability through the energy efficiency of SMEs

Through our consulting programmes, we advance SMEs’ sustainability by supporting them to be energy-efficient and save significant revenues, which boosts their profitability.