Bold Biogas Technology

Bold Biogas Technology

This is a gaseous fuel, especially methane, produced by the fermentation of organic matter (Cow dung, Piggly droplets, Poultry droplets and etc) in the absence of oxygen (Anaerobic digestion (AD).

Benefits of Biogas

Renewable Source of Energy

Plants, animals, and people all produce organic stuff. Biogas is a renewable energy source since raw materials are easily reproducible. Additionally, it reduces the negative effects of inappropriate garbage disposal.

Utilization of Waste

It is better to use the trash and convert them into biogas than to let them rot in landfills. Because less methane, carbon dioxide, and other greenhouse gases are created, there is less of an environmental risk. Wastes are converted into energy that can be used for cooking, heating, power, and fertiliser.

Produces a Circular Economy

Humans and animals both produce trash, which includes crop residue, animal manure, food waste, and wastewater. If these wastes are not processed properly, harm may result. These organic wastes are transformed into biogas, which is a more beneficial kind of energy. The wastes are converted into digestate for fertiliser purposes, biogas for use in vehicles and heating systems, and natural gas for cooking and cooking.

A Good Alternative for Firewood and Cooking in Rural Areas

Some areas have limited access to wood fuel (Firewood), reducing dependence on solid biomass. Biogas can provide them a good alternative to wood fuel. It is economical to set up and possible both for small- and large-scale production. Hence protecting the forest cover for eco balance.

With the above advantages Bold Energy Limited has adopted the sale, distribution, and promotion of prefabricated modular biodigester made by that come with a 10-year warranty.