Who We Are!

Our vision is to create “a lifestyle powered by clean energy”.

Our mission is to accelerate adoption of clean, efficient and affordable energy to mitigate the impact of climate change.

Bold Energy Limited (BEL) is an energy-focused manufacturing, trading and consultancy company incorporated in Uganda to stimulate renewable energy and energy efficient technologies for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), government agencies and households. Our work aims at promoting access to clean energy and at increasing to rate of conversion to renewable sources of energy. BEL is a provider of energy services and products to meet the unique needs of individuals, businesses, institutions and government agencies.

What We Do!

Bold Energy Solar Technologies

Designed to provide renewable energy options for households, businesses, institutions and agriculture.

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Bold Biogas Technology

Humans and animals both produce trash, which includes crop residue, animal manure and food waste.

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Energy Consultancy & Supplies

We offer consulting programmes, SMEs’ sustainability by supporting them to be energy-efficient.

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Solar Irrigation Technologies

Solar irrigation systems have the potential to meet more than a third of the water needs.

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Clean Cooking Technologies

Allows for cleaner cooking than traditional cooking stoves and use typical fuels.

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